The chain of the atmosphere

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Children struggle to get their head around our atmosphere. Neither can they see nor touch it.

With the help of our chain children can understand the different spheres with their different phenomena, as well as things that can be found in the different heights like planes, Zeppelins, etc.

Therefore children can now get a real hold of the atmosphere that they are surrounded by every single day.

One 15 mm pearl represents 2 km of height. The different colours of pearls then explain the different spheres. For a better understanding and to ease counting of the pearls every 100 km of height is represented by a red-dotted pearl and every 1000 km is indicated by a green-dotted one.

The fascination increases when the “Blue ribbon of the sea” is being used in advance as children then are able to gather a real understanding of the dimensions of our world.

 Part of the set also is a little chain representing the size of our sea in comparison to our atmosphere, displaying how tiny the ocean is and therefore developing an even better knowledge of the dimensions.

The set consist of:

  • Pearl chain representing the different colors
  • Pearl chain of the sea
  • Props according to photo including the moon (not shown in picture)
  • Cards showing
    • Heights and names of all the spheres
    • Names of the props
    • Names and photos as a control (rimmed in the color of corresponding sphere)


Manufacturing and original idea: lernFluss



Swallowable parts, not suited for kids under the age of 3!

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